My Day In Burleson TX

The owner of Burleson Pest Control Pros visits the town!

Texas had vineyards? It’s so hot here and it seems like it isn’t an environment conducive in having vineyards, I once thought. I decided to go to Burleson, Texas to take a glimpse of a vineyard there. I drove south of Forth Worth, Texas and arrived at Lost Oak Winery.

I parked and asked about joining a tour. I was quickly assigned to a knowledgeable guide with other patrons who were as curious as I was (I was lucky as the tour did require advance booking). We walked around the property and the guide was friendly and supported the numerous questions we had regarding a wine’s terroir and the complexity of the process itself. The property was vast but also maintained a respect for nature. It had a romantic ambiance married with the technicalities of wine making. The guide went into further detail about pairings and the scent of wine. It was almost a crash course in everything wine with tidbits here and tidbits there, but with intricate detail and passion. It was eye opening. I have not experienced a vineyard or know anything about wine, but the tour was not surprisingly overwhelming. It was educational, informative, and most of all, tasteful. I left that day with a little more knowledge about wine. I also left with two bottles of wine from their vineyard.



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